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Guaranà Powder


Guarana powder. Sachet of 100 grams



Guarana: properties, benefits, dosage

Coming from South America, guarana powder is a substance known and widespread all over the world for its beneficial properties.
So effective that it is the basic ingredient of many natural supplements and the substance mainly used for sports drinks.
There are so many benefits of guarana to the point that many have replaced the classic coffee with a drink based on this fruit.
The stimulating effect of the plant has made it possible to exploit its particularly pleasant flavor by creating extremely functional energy drinks and extracts.

The guarana plant grows in the form of a tree that in the wild can even exceed 10 meters while if cultivated, it does not exceed 3 meters. The processing of the fruits of this plant is subjected to different procedures based on the region in which it is treated; the main crops are in the northern basin of the Amazon River but also in Venezuela and Brazil.
In Europe, guarana is becoming more and more popular thanks to its beneficial properties and comes in the form of freeze-dried powder.

How to take guarana: the recommended doses

  • A teaspoon of guarana powder to add to fruit juices, smoothies, smoothies etc.
  • Do not take more than 3 grams per day
  • Perfect for breakfast or after lunch
  • DO NOT take in the evening especially if you suffer from anxiety and insomnia

The intake of guarana powder is recommended for prolonged periods not exceeding one month which also include a stop period of about fifteen days. The product can be taken in the form of powder to be dissolved in water or juice, however the dosage should not exceed 3 grams.

There are also on the market energizing tablets with guarana or in any case ready-made drinks available with different concentrations of the product.

Those who want to use guarana in powder can dissolve a teaspoon in the liquid they want and consume it even twice a day without exceeding the indicated amount.
The energizing powder should preferably be taken on a full stomach as the dried seeds of the fruit could irritate the intestinal walls.
The ideal would be to take the energizing drink after breakfast to have the right energy to face the day and after lunch or before a significant physical effort such as a session in the gym or an outdoor run.

The guarana-based energy drink can be enhanced with additional restorative and energizing substances such as honey or a teaspoon of wheat germ. This preparation is specifically suitable for athletes who need to treat the symptoms of fatigue.