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Spirulina Powder


200gr of Spirulina Algae powder, excellent in smoothies, fruit juices and desserts!



Spirulina Powder

Spirulina is initially known with the name of Arthrospira Platensis belonging to the Cyanophiaceae group and its main habitat is the waters of the sub-tropical areas. Its color is green-blue and has a typical shape of a spiral. Even before science discovered it, Spirulina was already known by thousands of local populations who used it to make bread and focaccia. When it was also discovered by the people of the Aztecs, it was considered a miraculous food. In fact, the people of the Aztecs were the first to consider spirulina algae as one of the richest elements in proteins, almost comparable to meat.
Having high contents of mineral salts, vitamins and fats, Spirulina powder helps your body achieve total well-being.

The benefits of Spirulina Algae:

Natural energizer
It protects and strengthens the immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems
Antioxidant properties
Useful for losing weight
Rich in Omega 3

Spirulina Algae is presented as a food rich in many active ingredients and above all many benefits; let’s find out in detail which are the main ones:

It is useful to keep diabetes under control: according to some scientific studies that have been made about it, it has been shown that Spirulina Algae can fight the high values ​​of diabetes. In fact, once it is taken it manages to lower the levels of sugars present in the blood. In a study carried out on a group of patients with type 2 diabetes, the administration of the algae Spirulina powder lowered blood glucose levels and the percentage dropped from 9% to 8%.
It has a low calorie content: being rich in proteins, spirulina algae plays an energizing and invigorating role.
It reduces the sense of hunger and satiety: being rich in Phenylalanine it acts above all on the nervous system leading to the reduction of hunger.
It is also useful for pregnant women: having a rich source of vitamins and minerals plays an important role for pregnant women and women who are in the lactation phase.
It is rich in beta-carotene: thanks to the presence of beta-carotene and vitamin C, it plays a fundamental role in fighting free radicals. In this way it also manages to counteract the signs of aging, the main skin imperfections, promotes memory and concentration.
Consolidates the immune defenses: the rich content of both magnesium, potassium and iron leads to an improvement of the immune system protecting it from the main attacks of pathogens. Furthermore, the presence of the fundamental element or Phycocyanin (which gives the color to the alga) and vitamin C lead to the formation of antibodies useful precisely to protect the immune system.
It acts against cardiovascular diseases: in addition to the various elements mentioned so far, within the Spirulina Algae we find the presence of Omega 3, which has an important action regarding blood coagulation and vasodilation of capillaries. In fact, Omega 3 helps to make the blood more fluid and avoid the formation of thrombus inside the veins. Furthermore, the presence of Xanthophylls (substances present inside the carotenoids) lead to the regulation of pressure.
Useful for countering cholesterol levels: in addition to diabetes, Spirulina Algae also manages to fight bad cholesterol levels thanks to the presence of Linoleic acid.
Stimulation of the bacterial flora: at the level of the digestive system, the spirulina algae plays an important purifying and detoxifying action in order to prevent the onset of infections. It is also useful for fighting the intestinal flora in cases of colitis.
It is also useful for those who play sports: by carrying out a multi-vitamin, antioxidant and protein action, it can improve the muscle tone of those who play sports.

What is Spirulina and how it works…

Spirulina Algae is considered one of the superfoods of the moment thanks to a wide range of beneficial properties.
But what exactly is it?
Spirulina Algae is not a real alga but is considered a cyanobacterium, with a narrow and elongated shape.
Its main habitat, as already mentioned before, is the sub-tropical waters and this gives the presence of an alkaline water ph.
The lakes in the world that have these certain characteristics are Lake Texcoco and Lake Chad, north east of the coast of Mexico, where the Aztec population lived at that time.
It was they who discovered this fantastic algae used mainly for food. Furthermore, although it falls into the category of blue algae, it has a green color thanks to the presence of chlorophyll and blue and yellow pigments deriving from carotenoids.Today spirulina algae is considered the food of the future and can be found both in tablets and in powder. ;
is characterized by a multitude of active and beneficial ingredients. Having important characteristics, Spirulina Algae plays important roles within the human body such as:
protect the immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems,
fights skin blemishes
has important antioxidant and energizing properties.

Furthermore, due to all its characteristics, spirulina is also widely used by sportsmen and people who want to lose weight.